Whale Spotter

Since 2006 I have been involved with whale conservation, scientific studies and whale watching. In 2012 I created the Whale Spotter website so that I could better share my love of whales and provide information about whale species, conservation, whale watching and science across Oceania.

To check out the Whale Spotter website please follow this link Whale Spotter Website



Manly’s Little Penguins

I am delighted to be able to use my photography to support the Manly Little Penguin Protectors who look after the family of Little Penguins living under Manly Ferry Wharf.


Manly Environment Centre

Over the past twenty years the Manly Environment Centre has been a world leader in local conservation and education through Judy Reizes and her wonderful team of staff and volunteers. Judy has had a profound impact in my life as a friend and mentor and I simply could not be doing the work I do now without all her support, encouragement, wisdom and guidance.

To learn more about the MEC’s wonderful work and to find ways that you might become involved please see the MEC Website